With its ground-breaking machine learning and data mining capabilities, Chain.info aims to provide ordinary users and developers with comprehensive, real-time, accurate and free information and open API interface services, such as large-sum deposit and withdrawal monitoring, exchange assets change broadcasting, Bitcoin network indicators, etc.

The API interface service is currently in private beta. Developers interested in it can apply for trial by clicking “Apply now”below. We look forward to your application.

  • Live data
    Real-time tracking, processing and monitoring of massive on-chain data
  • Labeling system
    Building of the most complete exchange address labeling system through ground-breaking machine learning and data mining capabilities
  • Historical data
    Storage of historical on-chain Bitcoin-related transaction data and indicators into database after structurization and processing
  • Explorer
    Fast-response Bitcoin-related Web search API
Apply for API

For more documentation and technical support, please submit your request after filling in relevant information. We will contact you within 3 working days.